Hell With A Capital H

Hell With A Capital H

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On 29 March 1912, as Scott and his two companions lay dying in their tent, elsewhere on the polar ice-cap six members of his ill-fated expedition were fighting for their lives. This was the so-called Northern Party, hand-picked by Scott to undertake his most significant programme of scientific research. The unsung hero of this group was Dr Murray Levick, whose attention to diet and mental and physical fitness played a major part in their survival. The doctor was a sensitive recorder and a talented photographer, it is on his previously unpublished diaries, monographs, photographs and sketches that this book is based. The six men were landed by Terra Nova in January 1911 at Cape Adare, 450 miles north of Scott's base camp at Cape Evans. They spent nearly a year there, living in a rudimentary hut, surveying and collecting specimens from the beautiful but inhospitable bay and shoreline fringed by inaccessible mountains. They were then dropped off mid-way between the two Capes to continue their work. The ship was due to pick them up on 17 February 1912. A month later she still hadn't come, and the men were forced to face the Antarctic winter in an igloo dug out of a snowdrift on 'Inexpressible Island'. After spending six-and-a-half months entombed in their underground ice-cave, in conditions of unimaginable physical and mental hardship, FOR CENTURIES LONDONa#39;S great artery, the Thames, has hosted events of national mourning or rejoicing. The Lord Mayora#39;s Show was held on the river annually from the fifteenth century until the City of London reluctantly ceded control of ... which since the early nineteenth century has enclosed and protected the Isle of Dogs and the West India Docks. Here, on 1 June 1910, all eyes were on an old terrier of a ship a€“ the Terra Nova, a 3-masted, 747-ton Dundee whaler with massiveanbsp;...

Title:Hell With A Capital H
Author:Katherine Lambert
Publisher:Random House - 2012-01-31


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