Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

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The Book, Hello Sunshine, is the life story of a London child who was still an infant when World War 11 began. It tells of his frightening experiences during that time, then, when Peace came it goes on to describe happier times living and growing up on the North East Kent coast. The story then moves through Chrisa€™ life as a young waiter, a British soldier, serving in Germany and Malaya, a Merchant seaman then a London Fireman. It tells of the struggle make ends meet with a wife and two small children before making the decision to emigrate to Australia. Chris describes the wonderful life he has been able to lead in the Sunshine State of Queensland. There is something to laugh about on nearly every page despite getting the sad news of the death of his younger brother, David just after celebrating his young familya€™s first Christmas in Australia. Overall, the book has an optimistic sense about it which reflects Chrisa€™s attitude to life and should encourage anybody thinking about starting a new life in a new country to have a go. After all, if Chris can do it, why cana€™t you?Adding to this suffering, we had to learn to march with our rifles, change shoulders with our rifles, advance in review order and do a general salute with our rifles, hold our rifles at the port for inspection, and of course to fix bayonets and to unfixanbsp;...

Title:Hello Sunshine
Author:Chris Buch
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-09-20


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