Help-Our-Planet-Earth (HOPE)

Help-Our-Planet-Earth (HOPE)

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Robert walked towards the hospital emergency entrance. The smell of death was over powering. Many of the cars blocking the ambulance entrance had their lifeless occupants slumped over the steering wheels or their heads propped against the car windows. The sliding doors were propped open by more bodies of virus casualties. Robert looked deeper into the dark hospital and turned around. The hospital was not receiving more patients. Jillian stared over the city of Hong Kong from the eighteenth floor of the luxury hotel. Although it was the middle of the day, the entire city was dead. Not a car, boat or person was moving. The hotel had no water, phone or electricity. Despair washed over her as she thought of her children. She prayed that her two boys survived the virus. The problem was that they were a very large ocean away. Adapting to the new world was difficult. Finding and protecting your family was an even greater challenge.I started by working on the checksheets and making entries into the flight computer. ... reach the cockpit, some rope, get a battery for the TomTom, locate a camping store and see if I could rig up some sort of hot water system for a shower .

Title:Help-Our-Planet-Earth (HOPE)
Author:Paul Watterworth
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2015-09-01


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