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Magnificent sound explodes from excruciating silence in space. God is created from this sound divine. He then creates his mate, Helvena. Together, they build great kingdoms. The Garden of Eden blossoms into seven continents separated by vast oceans. When satisfied that man is capable of caring for himself, God and Helvena enter other dimensions, creating new worlds. Returning to earth, they find the planet in modern time. God and Helvena appear on the streets of New York City and introduce themselves as deities. They are deemed insane. God and Helvena investigate earth until God resolves that he needs to speak with man. He says that humans are ridiculous and out of control. He warns that if they do not treat where they are as heaven, he will destroy them as he did dinosaurs. Initially, man is terrified. In time, he loses his fear and believes that God's appearance in the sky was a terrible hoax or extraordinary terrorism. When fear subsides, there is rejoicing and laughter until moments before judgment-when man is, indeed, judged.Angela screamed, a€œI cana#39;t see your badge number from here, give me that pad so I can write it down!a€ a€œLady, my number is ... Mayne said, a€œCalm down, baby. Sure, wea#39;ll take you ... It helps him come back after bad seizures. But that made meanbsp;...

Author:Terry Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-06-01


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