Henry Norris Russell

Henry Norris Russell

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qA marvelous book, written about one of the history's greatest astronomers, and written by one of the greatest historians of astronomy. As Henry Norris Russell shaped modern astronomy a century ago, this book gives a valued glimpse into a time long gone. DeVorkin's thoroughly researched and beautifully written book brings the man, and his time, to life again.q--David H. Levy qIn the 1920s, Princeton astronomer Henry Norris Russell stood as a giant among his peers. At the vanguard of uniting modern physics with observation, he set the standard for astronomy for the twentieth century. In this masterful biography, noted historian David DeVorkin chronicles one of the most exciting eras in astronomical history and the man who was at its focal point. Combining meticulous research with a lucid prose, DeVorkin shows how an anxiety-ridden scholar, both savvy and ambitious, first revealed how stars are born, live, and die. An enthralling study of an astrophysicist's mind at work.q--Marcia Bartusiak, author of qThursday's Universeq and qThrough a Universe Darklyq qDeVorkin's work on Russell is an outstanding contribution to the history of modern astronomy and American science. In spite of its high scholarly level, it will make a good read for general readers as well as historians of science, astronomers, physicists, and others engaged in scientific work. It is the first biography of Henry Norris Russell, and as a contribution to the history of American astrophysics it is better than any other book I know of.q--Helge Kragh, author of qQuantum Generationsq qDeVorkin's biography reveals how Russell used his talents, achievements, and connections to accelerate the integration of physical theory into American astrophysical practice. In doing so, it greatly enriches our understanding of several themes within the history of science. . . . DeVorkin's scholarship is truly impressive. This study will be mandatory reading for those in the history of modern astronomy, in the history of twentieth-century American science, and in scientific biography. In addition, it will find substantial readerships among practicing astronomers, Princeton alumni and faculty, and readers of American biography. I strongly recommend it.q--Karl Hufbauer, author of qExploring the Sun: Solar Science since GalileoqHarvard was upsetting his aquot;reasonable peace of mind, aquot; and he needed the advice and counsel of Cobb, who had done aquot;me a ... Stanley Cobb was assistant professor of neuropathology at the Harvard Medical School and practiced neurology and ... aquot;the alert, over active men with scattered activity, stimulating ideas and many satellites . . . they are delightful people. ... Pickering, he knew, often used his personal wealth to make ends meet, and Russell knew he could not afford to do this.

Title:Henry Norris Russell
Author:David H. DeVorkin
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2000


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