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qWill you write about us, too?q she said after a while. qWill you write about how happy we were when we stood here together?q qI'll try to, q I said. qIt's a hard thing to write about. Nobody wants to read about two people who are happy. People like stories much better where everyone is unhappy and nothing works out.q - from Hephaestus Thomas Tull's vivid debut chronicles a romantic relationship from beginning to end. James and Katherine meet in college, date, get married, honeymoon, grow old. The life they lived on the world's center stage - as the young and promising married couple - fades into unremarkable middle age. James' work doesn't interest him, and he drinks too much; Katherine lives a life separate but contained within their shared life. Hephaestus is a stark, poetic, and unflinching look at the slow and unprotested ebbing of youth and all of its promise. Written by Thomas Tull Cover design by Tom MavenIn any case she didna#39;t want to go to the hospi+ tal, but she couldna#39;t drive the car with only one hand. She was still driving the manual Jaguar her father had given her for her thirty-fifth birthday. One of her friends could drive her home, but then the Jaguar would still be at the club. She wanted me to come down with the Volvo , anbsp;...

Author:Thomas Tull
Publisher:The Artless Dodges Press - 2010-03


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