Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble

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FIRST TIME IN PRINT! TROUBLE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER . . . Growing up poor and abandoned in Trouble, Wyoming, Lacy Taylor learned to be ready for anything-and to always prepare for the worst. She can handle a jailbird dad who won't stay lost and a sister she didn't know she had, but Chase McDermott might be her ultimate undoing. Never could she have predicted their long standing battle of wills would erupt into a sizzling, anytime-anywhere passion. Thrown off her game for the first time ever, Lacy figures the only way to fight fire is to turn up the heat . . . Every woman in town would love to tie Chase down, but the happily footloose cowboy prefers to roam free. Still, if keeping Lacy hot, bothered, and riled up will help her deal with her troubles, he's happy to oblige. But when Chase gets a look at the vulnerable woman hiding behind Lacy's tough bravado, he can't help rethinking his no-commitments rule. Can Chase find the courage to leave his playboy days behind for good and prove he's worthy of Lacy's fragile trust . . . and her love?Thirty minutes later, sheblew onher nonfat, no whip, whitechocolate mocha while Megan took a sip of her green tea chai latte. The coffee shopa#39;s attempt at creating an attractive outdoor patio had failed miserably, mostly because they hadna#39;t provided any umbrellas to shield customers fromthesun. Plus thecafAc ... Suffice itto say, Troublea#39;s only coffee shop wascertainly no Starbucks where customers could enjoy the low hum of music and sit at tablesthatdidna#39;t wobble on uneven footing.

Title:Here Comes Trouble
Author:Erin Kern
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-01-08


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