Here Is Where

Here Is Where

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Here Is Where chronicles Andrew Carrolla€™s eye-opening a€“ and at times hilarious -- journey across America to find and explore unmarked historic sites where extraordinary moments occurred and remarkable individuals once lived. Sparking the idea for this book was Carrolla€™s visit to the spot where Abraham Lincolna€™s son was saved by the brother of Lincolna€™s assassin. Carroll wondered, How many other unmarked places are there where intriguing events have unfolded and that we walk past every day, not realizing their significance? To answer that question, Carroll ultimately trekked to every region of the country -- by car, train, plane, helicopter, bus, bike, and kayak and on foot. Among the things he learned: *Where in North America the oldest sample of human DNA was discovered * Where Americaa€™s deadliest maritime disaster took place, a calamity worse than the fate of the Titanic *Which virtually unknown American scientist saved hundreds of millions of lives *Which famous Prohibition agent was the brother of a notorious gangster *How a 14-year-old farm boya€™s brainstorm led to the creation of television Featured prominently in Here Is Where are an abundance of firsts (from the first use of modern anesthesia to the first cremation to the first murder conviction based on forensic evidence); outrages (from riots to massacres to forced sterilizations); and breakthroughs (from the invention, inside a prison, of a revolutionary weapon; to the recovery, deep in the Alaskan tundra, of a super-virus; to the building of the rocket that made possible space travel). Here Is Where is thoroughly entertaining, but ita€™s also a profound reminder that the places we pass by often harbor amazing secrets and that there are countless other astonishing stories still out there, waiting to be found.... dozen rifles. Guards stopped by to have Williams work his magic on their guns, too, whenever they needed repairs. ... This alteration alone led to the production of a shorter, lighter, and more dependable rifle, the M1 carbine. a€œI didna#39;t know itanbsp;...

Title:Here Is Where
Author:Andrew Carroll
Publisher:Crown Archetype - 2013-05-14


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