Here's Looking at You

Here's Looking at You

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Now in its third edition, Here's Looking at You: Hollywood, Film and Politics examines the tangled relationship between politics and Hollywood, which manifests itself in celebrity involvement in political campaigns and elections, and in the overt and covert political messages conveyed by Hollywood films. The book's findings contradict the film industry's assertion that it is simply in the entertainment business, and examines how, while the majority of Hollywood films are strictly commercial ventures, hundreds of movies - ranging from Birth of a Nation to Capitalism - do indeed contain political messages. This new edition has been updated with new photos and cartoons, and includes two new chapters, one on Afghan-Iraqi war films and the other on the treatment of race and gender in Hollywood films, that are sure to stimulate discussion. Here's Looking at You serves as a basic text for political film courses and as a supplement in American government and film studies courses, and will also appeal to film buffs and people in the film industry.Similarly, would it be appropriate to consider Martin Scorsesea#39;s The Departed ( 2006), with an A-list cast and a production ... as an indie simply because the source of its financing did not come from the major studios?6 Thus, the financing source, the ... Instead, it might make more sense to define the indies in terms of their ideas and imagery, which run counter to ... the success of Soderbergha#39;s film, indies struggled for national distribution, and their box office receipts were consequentlyanbsp;...

Title:Here's Looking at You
Author:Ernest D. Giglio
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2010


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