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You already know ita€™s not easy being a single man in this culture today. But it is easy to be overwhelmed, to feel helpless and hopeless about living by Goda€™s high standards for singles. Ita€™s easy to cave in to the pressures of this sex-soaked world and accept defeata€“blaming the media, the culture, even girlfriends who dona€™t know how tough it can be. But many men have read books like Every Young Mana€™s Battle and Tactics and have committed themselves to stand strong and pure in the power of God, and to go on the offensive against the onslaught of negative stereotypes. Some have suffered. Some have fallen. But many have experienced victorya€“and you can be among them. What makes those committed men so desirable to women? Be Her Hero is their motto. From best-selling author Fred Stoeker, along with his son Jasen, come the straightforward insight and real-life examples youa€™re looking for to help you take personal purity to its logical conclusion. Herea€™s straight truth with irrefutable evidence of what makes an ultimate hero to women who long for men of faitha€“men who stand by their convictions and make their world a safer and better place. Are you ready to accept the challenge? From the Trade Paperback edition.Thata#39;s certainly how it plays out on the silver screen, but our lives are real, and real life tells us the trutha€”behind every promiscuous, aggressive ... My daughter Laura recently joined a holiday party with the young adults group at her church when someone suggested playing the game Would You Rather? Each player chooses a card with a question on it beginning with the phrase a€œWould you rather .

Author:Fred Stoeker, Jasen Stoeker
Publisher:WaterBrook Press - 2009-04-14


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