Heroes - Heroines

Heroes - Heroines

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 48. Chapters: Bayonetta, Bianca, Buffy Summers, Cherry Darling, Daisy Duke, Daphne Blake, Dorothy Gale, Duchess, Elastigirl, Elsa Frankenteen, Garudamon, Gatomon, Gosalyn Mallard, Happy Ness, Heinkel Wolfe, Integra Hellsing, Invisible Woman, Jasmine, Jean Grey, Kairi, Karone, Krystal, Kyle, Kyubimon, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson, Mona Simpson, Nancy Thompson, Nazz, Pan, Pandora, Phantasma, Princess Irene, Renamon, Rogue, Sally Acorn, Sarah, Sarah, Sawa, Selene, Seras Victoria, Shadowcat, She-Hulk, Sibella, Sindel, Snow White, Susan Evans, Tanis, The Hex Girls, Tiff, Velma Dinkley, Winnie, Wonder Woman, Yumie Takagi. Excerpt: Aerith is a friend of Cloud in FFVII. She is a Cetra, an ancient race of people with mysterious powers. Amy Rose is a heroine from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is madly in love with Sonic, and wants him to marry her witch is odd because she is 12. She carries around a large hammer called a piko piko hammer for a weapon. Android 18 is asorb by the Evil monster, Cell. Gohan does a Super Punch on Cell And Spit her out. Krillin Took her to Safety. She stops being evil. After Years, She Married Krillin. She was Pregnant. And She gave birth to her Daugther Marron. Angewomon is one of the heroes in Digimon Adventure and 02. She resembles a beautiful angel with long golden hair. Her attacks are Celestial Arrow and Heaven's Charm Bayonetta is a titular character from the video game Bayonetta who is a heroic and sexy witch. Throughout the eons of time, there were two factions that kept a watch over history. The Lumen Sages, creatures of the heavens and of light, and the Umbra Witches, beings of darkness damned due to the covenant with the devil that gave them their powers. Both of these factions were the keepers of two precious treasures - the Eyes of the World. These eyes were used to oversee the passage of time and so one group could not rewrite time however...This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Title:Heroes - Heroines
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:University-Press.org - 2013-09


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