Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL

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qHeterogeneous Computing with OpenCL teaches OpenCL and parallel programming for complex systems that may include different types of hardware: Central Processing Units (CPUs), Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) and Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). Designed to work on multiple platforms and with wide industry support, OpenCL will help you more effectively program for a heterogeneous future.... GB/s DDR3 System memory S h a r e d b u s a n d m e m o r y c o n t r o l l e r FIGURE 3.12 The E350 a€œZacatea€ AMD APU consists of two 8-wide SIMD ... The fifth edition of Computer Architecture (Hennessy and Patterson, 2011) extends these concepts. ... Chapter 2 of the Itanium 2 processor manual (Intel, 2002) gives a reasonably high-level overview of the EPIC implementation and processor pipeline.

Title:Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL
Author:Benedict Gaster, Lee Howes, David R.. Kaeli
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012


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