High Frequency and Microwave Circuit Design

High Frequency and Microwave Circuit Design

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As we enter the new millennium, engineers who provide the world with the vast number and types of communications apparatus needed can no longer confine themselves to either analog or digital design tasks. These devices require elements of both. Yet, those without recent graduate degrees in electronics engineering may find serious gaps in their knowledge. In the very near future, limited knowledge of high frequency effects, scattering coefficients, and practical application of resonant circuits may seriously limit one's usefulness to an employer. High Frequency and Microwave Circuit Design fills in these gaps with concise, practical treatments that allow a smooth, rapid transition from medium to microwave frequencies. The author uses an easy, straightforward style to demystify some of the useful techniques that communications engineers need. He covers the practical aspects of impedance matching, noise, oscillators, amplitude and frequency modulation, and antennas. The Appendix offers helpful formulas that enable the reader to solve many of the impedance matching problems directly on a calculator.... and Raab; in their book, Solid State Radio Engineering, they give graphs of the expected self-resonant frequency for RF chokes (a somewhat generic name for inductors ... ANSWERS For 14 turns, the author finds F = 0.0065, L = 0.501 uH.

Title:High Frequency and Microwave Circuit Design
Author:Charles Nelson
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-12-20


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