High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar

High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar

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Definitive coverage of state-of-the-art over-the-horizon radar systems High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radarprovides comprehensive details on modern developments in high frequency over-the-horizon (OTH) radar by capturing significant advances made in this area over the past two decades. This authoritative text offers a thorough and accurate treatment of essential aspects, ranging from the physical principles of operation and system design issues, through to signal processing methods, and their practical application to live data recorded by actual OTH radar systems. The strength of the book is its clear explanation of the signal processing aspects, including mathematical descriptions of adaptive processing techniques, an area that has become a cornerstone for the effective operation of OTH radar. High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar: Is written by a leading global expert Reviews fundamental concepts: OTH radar principles, target types, radar missions Discusses sky-wave a surface-wave OTH radars and radar sub-systems Includes details on HF propagation medium Covers radar management, signal environment, and signal processing High frequency OTH radar in-depth: Fundamental Principles; Propagation Medium; System Architecture; Radar Sub-system; Signal Environment; Conventional Signal Processing; Adaptive Processing Techniques; Practical Applications... Over-thea€”horizon radar multipath track fusion incorporating track history, Proceedings of ISIF, Paris, France, 13a€”19. ... Sennitt, A. G. and Kuperus, B.: 1997, World Radio TV Handbook, Glen Heffernan Billboard Books, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ... Sevgi, L.: 2003, Complex Electromagnetic Problems and Numerical Simulation Approaches, IEEE Press, Hoboken, NI. Sevgi, L., Ponsford, A., and Chan, H. C.: 2001, An integrated maritime surveillance system based on high-frequencyanbsp;...

Title:High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar
Author:Dr. Giuseppe Fabrizio
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2013-06-18


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