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This current book describes my belief (with input from a great many people) as to how this country got to where it is today, where I fear it is going, and my absolute terror that the American people will elect Hillary in 2008. Why terror at her election? Because that will launch the country toward a totalitarian government. We no longer can believe that our elected officials are patriots. They are more acclimated to power and less concerned about the people and the country's history. The book is a departure from the others. It came to mind when watching a TV discussion group talking about whether Hillary would run for President in 2004. I was terrified that she would run and win. I then thought about it and decided I had some excellent reasons why she would not run in 2004 but would wait until 2008. The book goes into depth concerning the dangers to the Country of electing Hillary. My first three books: There Are No Bad Kids, qNever Underestimate the Arrogance or Stupidity of Government and High On Life were all published by 1st Books Library. The first was written as a result of a traumatic experience in our lives and the second describes what I believe created that trauma. qHigh On Lifeq creates a completely different atmosphere. The title came as the result of one of my children becoming hooked on cocaine. I faithfully believe that no one needs a narcotic to get high -- Life is the only high necessary!a€œAccording to USA Today, former President Clinton has already read his wifea#39;s new book five times. In fact, the former president has now spent more time in bed with the book than he has with Hillary. ... Jay Leno a€œHillary said that one of the reasons she stayed with Bill so long is because no one can make her laugh like he does, especially when he says stuff like, a#39;I did not ... Jay Leno a€œIn the book Hillary says she and President Clinton kept their marriage together through counseling.

Author:Chuck Slate
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2005-01


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