His Family

His Family

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The Abbots: A Dynasty in the Making She's No Abbotta€b When China Grant believed that maddeningly opinionated, very stubborn and terribly handsome Campbell Abbott of the wealthy Abbott clan was her long-lost brother, the two of them fought the way siblings do. But once DNA tests prove he isn't, she's fighting something newa€”an irresistible attraction! Not Yet! Campbell is the family mavericka€”when everyone else rushed to adopt the lovely interloper, he held back. But now that she's determined to leave the Abbotts and continue the search for her birth parents, he won't let her go. Because the same tests that ruled China out of the family meant some seriously intimate relations with Campbell were suddenly ruled in!You guys really dona#39;t have to do this.a€ a€œSure we do.a€ China tossed her purse at the shelf. a€œDo you have an old shirt or an apron I can wear?a€ He moved carefully toward an elegant oak wardrobe in the back that was remarkably unscathed.

Title:His Family
Author:Muriel Jensen
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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