His Hand Upon Me for Miracles

His Hand Upon Me for Miracles

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In chapter one the reader is introduced to several key characters of the novel, as well as The Parlor itself. Immediately there is a relationship established between Mario, Michael, and Rita. There are co-workers, friends and comrades. Ron is introduced as the owner of the facility, while he is a friend of the initial characters; he is not a part of their antics. The author also introduces a few of the regular clients. Mrs. Manning, a qwell-to-doq elderly alcoholic, Lorna Silvers, an up and coming politicians wife and Rhoda Katz. Rhoda is a reporter who seems to have opted to take a more Machiavellian approach to life. The first chapter establishes a tension between the three friends and another co-worker, James Baker. A prank carried out against James in The Parlor creates a situation where the chapter ends with a scene that allows the reader to see that James is possibly not well-balanced and even a bit deviant. This particular scene creates suspicion throughout the first half of the novel while the reader wonders if James indeed has limits.Before we bought it, there was a hand-painted sign hanging on its front door that read: Catnip Cottage. We kept it, and little did we know that some years later I would be running an herb business and growing catnip abundantly in my gardens.

Title:His Hand Upon Me for Miracles
Author:Lois Kenyon Pesanelli
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2002-12-01


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