History of Natto and Its Relatives (1405-2012)

History of Natto and Its Relatives (1405-2012)

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Each household in Korea used to make their own soy sauce in the spring; some still do. ... This sweet bean puree [Japanese an] is used as filling in rice cakes [ mochi] and also now in donuts and rolls.a€ The Glossary also mentions laver (kim), a sea vegetable called a€œnoria€ in Japan, that is widely used in recipes in this book. ... [122* ref] a€c Summary: In the middle belt of Nigeria, local soybean varieties are used in place of locust beans (fermented with Bacillus subtilis) to make iru (theanbsp;...

Title:History of Natto and Its Relatives (1405-2012)
Author:William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Publisher:Soyinfo Center - 2012


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