History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

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qBy the dawn of the twentieth century, Iran was sinking deeper into crisis. It was losing its economic and political Independence to the Russian and British empires as a profligate absolute monarchy threw the country ever deeper into debt. A few intellectuals saw the rule of law as the solution to this, and eventually their ideas were taken up by a broad coalition of merchants, clerics, and artisans. In 1906, it forced the Shah to grant Iran a constitution and soon a parliament (Majlis) was elected - both firsts in the Muslim world.q qAhmad Kasravi's History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution chronicles this event and the ensuing struggles. Alternately elegiac and brutally honest, Kasravi's work is central to modern Iranian political consciousness in a way few other author's works are to their nation's. It is respected across the political spectrum. It will strike the reader how fresh the issues raised by the revolution and the ensuing struggles are today. For example, the history presents a spirited defense of secular nationalism but gives a refreshingly honest view of the Islamic polemic against it.q--BOOK JACKET.While it is true that national opinion had long been convinced that Atabak was a dangerous traitor to the country, even Kasravia#39;s sources (particularly the British Blue Books) indicated that his role in the fight between the Court and the Majlisanbsp;...

Title:History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution
Author:Aḥmad Kasravī
Publisher:Mazda Pub - 2006


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