Holistic Anatomy

Holistic Anatomy

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Complementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine have become increasingly widespread as the limits of conventional treatments become more apparent. qHolisticq qAnatomy qpresents an authoritative study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology but expands the discussion by connecting the science of the body to a variety of alternative modalities to explore how human beings exist within--and interact with--their environment, and how they experience existence in emotional and spiritual terms. Basic scientific terminology and detailed descriptions are interwoven with informal, sometimes humorous observations, facts, and ideas about life. The mechanisms, structure, and functions of the body are explored, along with how they relate to spiritual and energetic paradigms, emotions, and ecological principles. The first half of the book covers basic anatomy and physiology, describing each major system of the body and how they interrelate. This part includes a thoughtful discussion of aging and the dying process. The second half focuses on models of health and disease, both traditional and holistic. Topics include western pathology, emotional health, five element medicine, and the spiritual cause for disease.... which folds back on itself to make the pinky-red layer you can see at the corner of your eye or if you pull your lower eyelid down.264 If this ... All you need to do is squirt some milk in babya#39;s eyes or into a dish and then bathe the eyes with a very soft cloth. ... There are a few other interesting bits to mention, like eyebrows, eyelids and lashes, which protect the eyes by keeping out sweat, bits of dust etc.

Title:Holistic Anatomy
Author:Pip Waller
Publisher:Pip Waller - 2008-01-01


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