Hollow Planets

Hollow Planets

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Do we live on top of a hollow earth? Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds aims to answer that question. The great English astronomer, Sir Edmund Halley first proposed the Earth might be hollow. Later the great mathematician, Leonhard Euler speculated about this, as did the scientist, Sir John Leslie. Jules Verne's classic tale Journey to the Center of the Earth was based on Leslie's ideas. Some religions maintain, to this day, that a vast Underworld exists inside the Earth. This is supported by a rich variety of legends and folklore from all continents. Scientists say all planets are solid. Could science be mistaken? Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds is an in-depth review of many papers from science journals of the highest repute. This book contains interviews with many top scientists in fields as diverse as seismology and astronomy. The results of this study will send your mind reeling. Do we live in a Solar System composed of Hollow Planets? This may well be the first scholarly and scientific investigation into a factual basis for the hollow planets, which were previously only myths. This reference book has caught not only the attention of scientists around the world, but media stars such as Jeff Rense of Sighting and Coast to Coast AM's Art Bell. Perhaps based on the facts presented in this book, qeverything we were ever taught is wrong!qWhat do we know about the Eartha#39;s interior and how trustworthy is our knowledge ? THE EARTHa#39;S ... The existence of lava does not affect the passage of earthquake (seismic) waves. This indicates to ... The Eartha#39;s temperature is relatively constant. Where does ... squeeze shut. Therea#39;s no way you can maintain a cavity 81 Chapter 3 Ib Seismology and Geology Z Hollow Planets Full. pdf: Chapter 3 4 5.pdf.

Title:Hollow Planets
Author:Jan Lamprecht
Publisher:Grave Distractions Pub. - 2014-03-31


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