Home and Away

Home and Away

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A gripping insight into the power of sport to change lives. Every four years the soccer World Cup unites people all over the globe to watch their favourite team battle it out to make the final. But there's another World Cup that isn't quite as glamorous: the Homeless World Cup (HWC). In 2008 award-winning author and filmmaker Dave Bidini accompanied the poor and dispossessed players of Homeless Team Canada to the HWC in Melbourne. What Bidini found was the ultimate underdog sporting event, teeming with stories of humanity and more relevant to our times than any modern big-ticket spectacle. Through seeing the players' disappointments, frustrations, joys and triumphs, Bidini understands the true meaning of this tournament. He sees firsthand the power of sport to transform the lives of those on the edge a€“ how the decision to play this game can mean the difference between survival or a life of addiction, poverty or crime. Home and Away offers a powerful look at the homeless and disadvantaged, from the barrios of Mexico City and the shanties of West Africa to the streets of North America, Europe and Australia. Whether you're a sports fanatic or a keen observer of human nature, you'll never watch a soccer game in the same way again.Lying onour backs, we talked until thestars dimpled the skyand we finally gave out . ... Hea#39;drecline onthecouch inhis pyjamas lighting thebong as the sunstreamed through the dirty square windowsof the draftycottage, ... You smokeand drink everyday. ... shattering glass, smashing thecoffee table, hurling the television acrossthe room, savaging themattress, breakingplates, and making ... Youa#39;ve lived throughthesethingsa€”the highsand thelowsa€”and youa#39;re never the same afterwards.

Title:Home and Away
Author:Dave Bidini
Publisher:Univ. of Queensland Press - 2011-01-01


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