Home Basics - Electrical Made Easy

Home Basics - Electrical Made Easy

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Do It Yourself ... Easy! Every homeowner knows that if you wait long enough, a home project will pop up. Whether out of need (broken light switch), or because of a want (a dimmer switch to improve the ambience), there are always electrical projects around the house. For most homeowners, household fix-it projects aren't a daily occurrence, and the knowledge to perform even some of the simplest projects isn't common knowledge. For author Ron Hazleton, these projects are daily occurrences and in this book he walks you, step-by-step, through the most basic and most common electrical projects all homeowners will encounter. Even if you've never picked up a screwdriver, you'll be able to easily follow the steps to electrical home repairs and improvements. Projects in this book include: Adding a new outlet or switch Install low-voltage outdoor lighting Replacing a light fixture Install a programmable thermostat Install a ceiling fanA Step-by-Step Guide for Common Electrical Projects Ron Hazelton. outdoor lighting, 154a€“175 Outlets adding of, 18a€“29 moving of, 30a€“35 wireless, 40a€“43 Overhead fluorescent installation, 68a€“75 Overhead incandescent light fixture replacement, ... 165 Pry bar trick, 226a€“227 Raceway, plastic, 94 Radio RA, 121a€“ 125 Range hood installation, 210a€“219 Receptacle. ... 16 Wireless lighting systems, 120a€“125 Wireless outlets, 40a€“43 Wiring, plastic cable holders, 91 Wiring diagram, 183anbsp;...

Title:Home Basics - Electrical Made Easy
Author:Ron Hazelton
Publisher:F+W Media, Inc. - 2009-08-10


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