Home Is the Hunter

Home Is the Hunter

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A dispute over a planet and its primitive people leads Captain Kirk and a Klingon Commander to pit their ships against each other in battle. But the fight is stopped by a mysterious and powerful alien being named Weyland, who decides to punish three Enterprisea¬Ąc crewmembers with their own history. He places Sulu in feudal Japan during the period's most important and bloody power struggle, Scotty in 18th century Scotland on the eve of revolt, and Chekov in WWII Russia. Now, the three time travelers must face overwhelming dangers as they are pulled by conflicting forces: their allegiance to their homelands, their duty to the Federation they serve, and the demands of history.And suddenly a man on horseback smashed through the paper-thin walls. Sulu looked up in amazement. So did the ninja, which was the last thing he had the chance to do, for he went down under the pounding of the horsea#39;s hooves. ... Sulua#39;s savior threw a supporting arm under Sulua#39;s armpit, and tossed what turned out to be a smoke bomb. The other ... some attempt to make him grateful to another group of devious strangers, some other way to obtain his nonexistent magical secrets.

Title:Home Is the Hunter
Author:Dana Kramer Rolls
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2000-09-22


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