Home Sweet Home - The 10 Ebook Home Collection

Home Sweet Home - The 10 Ebook Home Collection

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Home Sweet Home! Make your home even sweeter with this 10 ebook collection of everything you need to keep your home clean, clutter free and a place you cana€™t wait to come home to. These ebooks will guide you through cleaning the clutter, spring cleaning, cleaning your computer, how to decorate, how to fold anything, easy homemade cleaners, the health benefits of house plants.... to keeping your home safe financially with how to make a budget and making a will. Included inside this collection are the best sellers: a€œFolding 101a€, a€œClean the Cluttera€, a€œDecorating Dona€™tsa€, The Art of Speed Cleaninga€, a€œThe Trioa€, a€œClean it Like You Mean Ita€, a€œComputer Health Made Easy, V.3 Clean Sweep, a€œKeeping it Reala€ Budget 101a€ and a€œAvoiding the Family Squabblea€. Instead of multiple downloads , get everything you need right here for a fraction of the cost.Olive Oil Make feet soft by rubbing olive oil on them and covering with socks at night. Olive Oil a€“ Use to remove ... Outdoors Baking Soda a€“ Make a paste of a cup of baking soda with 1a„2 cup of water to clean a bbq grill with. Dip a grill brush intoanbsp;...

Title:Home Sweet Home - The 10 Ebook Home Collection
Author:M Osterhoudt
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-08-23


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