Homeland Security

Homeland Security

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a€œThe Homeland Security Police shot Grandpa in the back.a€ A.D. 2081: When 15-year-old Adam Bakera€™s family is murdered by federal agents, he seeks to escape the brutal regime that has commandeered a once great nation under the banner of Homeland Security. Adam sets out on a long and dangerous journey westward to China, which has evolved into a haven of prosperity in the eighty years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Along the way he falls in love with a young black woman and learns firsthand of the racism and oppression that blacks must again endure after the collapse of civil rights. HOMELAND SECURITY is a timeless action thriller that paints a grim and frightening picture of what happens to ordinary people when government oversteps its bounds in the name of national safety.a€œThat feels so good. Thank you. What is your name?a€ a€œI am SeApora Ortega.a€ a€œWhat does seApora mean?a€ a€œIt is Spanish for Mrs.a€ a€œThank you, Mrs. Ortega.a€ a€œCall me SeApora Ortega. Saya#39;muchas gracias, SeApora Ortegaa#39;.a€ a€œMuchas gracias, SeAporaanbsp;...

Title:Homeland Security
Author:David F. Latham
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01-12


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