Homemade Snacks & Staples

Homemade Snacks & Staples

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The industrialization of much of the world's food chain has taken people so far from their agrarian roots that the diet they now consume would have been unrecognizable as food just a few generations ago. Bright, artificial colors and ridiculous amounts of sugar and fat, coupled with the preservatives needed to enable shipping and long shelf lives, have infiltrated the foods that people eat. In the growing backlash, concerned cooks are looking for ways to wean themselves and their children from these diet disasters without making anyone feel deprived. Homemade Snacks and Staples gives more than 200 recipes that enable readers to skip the processed foods. That same creative spirit that inspires them to make homemade baked goods and snacks spills over into other areas of their pantry and fridge, including yogurt and butter, fruit popsicles, spice mixes, condiments, peanut butter, breads and tortillas, and sauces and dressings. As a bonus, these recipes are mindful of vegan values and provide optional vegan variations. In addition to avoiding harmful additives, buyers will be motivated by the lower costs of making their own staples and lessening their impact on the environment.HEAT WARNING If you taste this spice mix on its own, you might get the hiccups from the level of spice (not that I would know from experience). Taco Seasoning Ia#39; m a huge fan of tacos, and for me, the taco seasoning can make or break theanbsp;...

Title:Homemade Snacks & Staples
Author:Kimberly Aime
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-05-07


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