Homemade Soap Made Simple

Homemade Soap Made Simple

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Homemade Soap Made Simple by Jennifer Stepanik introduces the art of soap making at home, whether you are looking for a fun new hobby or wanting to make some extra income from the produce. This effortlessly-readable guide walks you through each stage, giving you the confidence to try your hand at a new skill. Homemade Soap Made Simple covers the basics of what you will need before you start making soap Admittedly, soap making is a science, however, this ebook covers the technical information of the soap making process in a way that is easy to understand and not overwhelming. Homemade Soap Made Simple effectively teaches you everything you need to know to get started as a home soap maker, in a clear and simple fashion. The advice and tips throughout the book make it an invaluable companion for anyone embarking on soap making, either as a hobby or a secondary incomeLiquid. Soap. Method. Youcan makeliquid soapby using a similar process to the hot process method and replacing the sodium hydroxide with potassium hydroxide as the lye. Start with the same toolsas you need forthe Hot Process and add aanbsp;...

Title:Homemade Soap Made Simple
Author:Jennifer Stepanik
Publisher:BookRix - 2014-08-29


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