Homeopathic Self Care

Homeopathic Self Care

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Your body has incredible healing powers of its own! All you need to do is to utilize it under guidance! Homeopathy today offers an array of treatments for common health problems. The two renowned homeopaths and authors to this book make homeopathy applications as simple as learning abc! The present book offers step-by step approach to recognize and treat more than 70 specific conditions from ailments like - allergic reactions, indigestion, sinusitis, measles, flu, burns, food poisoning to headache, bladder infections, insomnia, nausea, swollen glands and much more.... stinging, and swelling of the vulva SKIN Hives or allergic reaction from shellfish Itchy, raised blotches Hives after overheating or overexertion Chicken pox Worse Cool, moist, or snowy air Cool bathing Veratrum album (White hellebore) Keyanbsp;...

Title:Homeopathic Self Care
Author:Robert Ullman
Publisher:Pustak Mahal - 1998-05-01


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