Homeowners Plumbing Handbook

Homeowners Plumbing Handbook

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For People Who Are Almost (but not quite) Satisfied With Their Own Plumbing And Cannot Figure Out Whata€™s Missing. Marc Stewarta€™s secrets are gems of purest common sense that put even the most intimidating plumbing projects within reach of any intelligent person. Plumbing books as a rule are few and far between. If you do manage to find one they give very little of the professional plumbers inside information. Tricks of the trade. Little secrets about fittings and fixtures that plumbers touch that makes all the difference between something special. These do not appear in the ordinary plumbing book. Unlike plumbers who cling passionately to the trade secrets of the profession. Marc Stewart goes out of his way to share his secrets. This is no ordinary book, and Marc Stewart is no ordinary plumber. He is the most illustrious of old school plumbers. Each project in Marc Stewarta€™s handbook. From tap washer repairs to roofing has a plumbera€™s secret attached. The secrets make the plumbing more fun to do. Wondrous on completion and guaranteed to give a lifetime of service. Yet all the projects are surprisingly simple. No unseen hurdles. Just careful detailing of fittings and fixtures and all the classic methods. This one of a kind handbook takes you step by step through a plumbers entire repertoire. Everything from leaking taps to renovating your own bathroom and toilet. Have you ever paid for plumbing work to be done on your home or perhaps a rental property. Ouch. Sure plumbing fittings are small and expensive we all expect that do we not. We just did not expect to pay the thousands of dollars in contractors plumbing fees for a job we would really like an opportunity to do ourselves. If only someone would come along and glancing over our shoulder whisper in our ears just how easy it is for a plumber with knowledge gained over many different types of jobs done well. Now all you ever need to know to do your own plumbing is laid out in one book. A one stop handbook. Everything is complete. No stone has been unturned. All is described from reseating a dripping tap to replacing taps. To opening up walls. And placing new pipework for that new shower. Bath. Basin. Laundry. Kitchen. Dishwasher or toilet renovation. To how to replace a drain blocked with tree roots. All done by yourself. No more questions ever need to be asked. All is revealed. All is disclosed in this one stop comprehensive guide to plumbing. Even roof leaks are served up a helping hand of years on the job. Now these no need to hold off gaining the knowledge you need in advance of making astute purchases of on sale plumbing fixtures and tap ware. No need to look at those designer bathrooms and now not know just how easy it is for you yourself to put one of these plumbing builds together. Marc Stewart has a keen beyond amateur grounding in psychology. That means he understands people as well as he understands plumbing. And in this book he proves it. a€œWe tested and double tested every projecta€, he says. Asking ladies with little or very little experience to plumb the projects for us. We watched their techniques and their frustrations. Noted the shortcomings of the project where steps were not precisely explained. And then kept working on each project until it became easy and understandable. If you find any project in this handbook that does not work for you, we will give you your money back. The vast number of projects covers everything from how to remove an entire bathroom and start all over again. To how to make sure you have correctly shut off the hot and cold water.Repairing or replacing the underground cold feed into the house from the street: Increasing the hot water pressure on a ... wall kitchen taps for a benchmounted tap: Placing a bench-mounted kitchen mixer tap: Installing a dishwasher: Fitting a anbsp;...

Title:Homeowners Plumbing Handbook
Author:Marc Stewart
Publisher:Marc Stewart - 2014-09-25


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