Homo Luminous

Homo Luminous

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David Werden wants nothing more than to lead a quiet, ordinary life. But his world is turned upside down when an unknown event changes the face of the planet. Realizing he cannot live alone in the ruins of the old world, and compelled by a strange internal force to reach the sea, he sets out on foot, carrying what he can, struggling against the harsh post-apocalyptic environment to search out others who may still be alive. Thrust into the leadership of a band of survivors, David struggles to scratch out the necessities of life while dealing with the staggering destruction and overwhelming sense of loss - and begins to understand the tragic and marvelous events that have occurred to the planet and to humanity itself. Finding love and betrayal, he must fight those who cling to the old world with all their strength and those who wish to stamp out the growing number of people coming to terms with their new levels of perception and insight into the Universal Mind.From the drivera#39;s side, he could tell that no keys hung from the dash, but it was an older model, with a carburetor, and maybe just needed a new battery. ... The smell of burnt wires still lingered in the engine compartment, intense heat fused the distributor cap into a plastic ball of tangled wires. ... It might be useful later, if he found something worth fixing. He cracked loose the bolt securing it in place.

Title:Homo Luminous
Author:Mike Frost
Publisher:Mike Frost - 2011-01-21


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