Homosexuality in French History and Culture

Homosexuality in French History and Culture

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Deconstruct changing representations of homosexuality with this important new work of cultural criticism! Homosexuality in French History and Culture explores episodes, patterns, and images of same-sex attraction in France from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century, from the essays of Michel de Montaigne to pride parades in contemporary Paris. This groundbreaking book documents the ways homosexuality has been named, experienced, regulated, understood, and imagined. During these centuries, homosexuality has been stigmatized as a sin, crime, or disease, and denounced as a threat to social order and national identity. Yet the rhetoric of condemnation has always co-existed with the reality of toleration. This groundbreaking collection analyzes the ways in which persecutions, as well as differences within minority sexual subcultures, have highlighted stereotypes and anxieties about class and age differences, gendered roles, and separatism. Homosexuality in French History and Culture offers historical and literary studies based on a wide variety of sources, including: novels, plays, and poetry gossip and satires police reports medical texts travel literature newspapers and periodicals memoirs Homosexuality in French History and Culture combines fresh, creative re-interpretation of familiar texts with exciting new explorations of neglected historical episodes and cultures. It is a landmark of meticulous scholarship and rigorous theoretical analysis, and a vital resource for scholars of queer theory, French history and culture, and literary criticism.Marie-Jo Bonnet Editorsa#39; note: This is a translation of the original text.1 For several years now French gays have been in the habit of saying ... If this problem is not a recent one, I want to analyze in this essay how the misogyny that is virtually inherent in the ... seeks a€œsexual indifferencea€ (i.e., the right to be treated a€œ indifferently, a€ just like everyone else), as people used to say in the ... Inc. All rights reserved.

Title:Homosexuality in French History and Culture
Author:Jeffrey Merrick, Michael Sibalis
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-09-13


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