Honduras to Haiti

Honduras to Haiti

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The onset of this Volume explores the life of an adult immature boy. He faces the emotional feelings of encountering an interpersonal relationship. These loving emotions were suppressed through drug abuse during life. Exposed to such feelings he failed to know how to handle this emotional state. Upon his separation from his first real girl friend he suffered a mental breakdown to the hands of an older friend giving him LSD. His trust in reality, his trust in the family, and his faith in mankind were demented. His hallucinating led him to his loss of personal responsibility. Upon breaking the law he was sent to jail and moved to a psychiatric facility to receive help. His therapy was geared to help a hostile and aggressive person. His mental state was one of chemically induced hallucinations and some psychotic fantasy. The imposed force of treatment was going to help him to deal with his aggression. Through therapy thee was hope in guiding the path to a more healthy and productive future. The boy was diagnosed with poor impulse controls. He was character sketched to be a heinous criminal. The preconceived notions were imposed that he was to have the characteristics of a person with aggressive tendencies. All hypothetical situations were leveraged to believe he would act violently. Predetermined behavioral states left him to be treated for a condition of possessing underlying hostilities. He was not to be trusted. Given many chance the boy showed that he could be a model patient. He showed he was able to comply with the rules. His learning about system showed where he was able to manipulate the system for personal gain. He had evolved and progressed in his criminal mentality to repeat his acts of aggression. The recidivism of a hardened criminal was surfacing in light of a potential healing process that was evolving.He asked what was so important. I quickly told him, aquot;Ita#39;s going down tonight.aquot; Therea#39;s a good chance it will, he agreed. NO, I countered, I mean it is going down tonight for sure. He asked, aquot;What makes you so sure ita#39;s going down tonight?

Title:Honduras to Haiti
Author:Ronald W. Johnson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-03-01


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