Honey and Hand Grenades

Honey and Hand Grenades

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For years I was a hero. Cure a worldwide epidemic, people tend to think highly of you. Pharmaceutical companies didn't see it that way. No good deed goes unpunished. Profits declining. They tried to eliminate me. Years away, reinventing myself. Now I'm back. New identity, the target on my back remains. I'd tell you my name, but it changes every day. Call me whatever you like, it's irrelevant. Names simply words after all. Actions speak volumes anyway. And my actions might just be more than anyone is prepared to handle.Pull out my phone. Find a video on how to pick locks on the Internet. Oh, the things you can do with paperclips. I run inside, screaming like a madman. Hoping to distract anyone in waiting. But Ia#39;m alone. Walk back, close the door, lock it.

Title:Honey and Hand Grenades
Author:Logan Sheffield
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04


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