Honeysuckle Memories, Bitterweed Times

Honeysuckle Memories, Bitterweed Times

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Kathy Ann Chandlera€™s poignant book of turbulent times in the nation and in the small-town southern girl evokes memories in each reader of personal trials and triumphs. Her grasp of situations affecting the family members dealing with self and with realities beyond their control, encourages the reader to explore his or her own family dynamics. This second book eclipses the emotions that were stirred by her first book, But She Has Such a Pretty Face!!! Honeysuckle Memories, Bitterweed Times explores the innocence of a child, of a family and of a nation.Now I knew what a door might be able to do because I played on the see-saw every day at school. I wrestled ... So Tommy took the skunk away from the pittbull finally, and draped it with a stick over the back bumper of the car. Tommy figured we could outrun the smell if we put it on the back bumper and went fast. He put theanbsp;...

Title:Honeysuckle Memories, Bitterweed Times
Author:Kathy Ann Chandler
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-05-23


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