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It is May of 1990 when Simon Fischer steps off the bus in Promise, Saskatchewan. A recent college graduate with a promising career looming ominously before him, Simon has decided to take some time to fi nd out what he wants next in life. As he begins his summer working as a hired farmhand, Simon has no idea his life is about to change forever. Small town life in Promise is a world away from how Simon spent his university years, yet he is energized by the physically demanding work and the rural environment. Content to leave his career goals on the back burnera€”at least for the time beinga€”Simon unexpectedly falls for Hope Winter, a young woman from a neighboring farm who is mature beyond her years. As the young couple embark on the journey to fulfi ll the promise of their shared love, unforeseen events are about to affect their lives in a devastating way.For extra money, Sully continued working with Gus on weekends, however, and continued to work with Hope on his literacy as often as he could during the week. Under her tutelage, he was still making steady progress, but it was becominganbsp;...

Author:W. D. Murray
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-22


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