Hot Carrier Degradation in Semiconductor Devices

Hot Carrier Degradation in Semiconductor Devices

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This book provides readers with a variety of tools to address the challenges posed by hot carrier degradation, one of todaya€™s most complicated reliability issues in semiconductor devices. Coverage includes an explanation of carrier transport within devices and book-keeping of how they acquire energy (a€œbecome hota€), interaction of an ensemble of colder and hotter carriers with defect precursors, which eventually leads to the creation of a defect, and a description of how these defects interact with the device, degrading its performance.59(13), 1623a€“1625 (1991) 8.2_Tyaginov Taurus Medici User Guide (2007) ed. ... 55(9), 2287a€“2296 (2008) G. Eneman, B. De Jaeger, E. Simoen, D.P. Brunco, G. Hellings, J. Mitard, K. De Meyer, M. Meuris, M. Heyns, Quantification of ... 32(2), 375a€“385 (1985). doi:10.1109/T-ED.1985.21952 Sentaurus Process Reference Manual (2006), ed. X-2006.06 Channel Hot Carrier Degradation and Self- Heating Effects in FinFETs Moonju Channel Hot Carriers in SiGe and Ge pMOSFETs 285.

Title:Hot Carrier Degradation in Semiconductor Devices
Author:Tibor Grasser
Publisher:Springer - 2014-10-29


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