Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans

Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans

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Women's Health Winner in USA Best Book Awards! Middle-aged Endurance Athletics Meets The Hormonally Challenged Women get older, dammit, and sometimes it sucks, especially for women who pride themselves on athleticism and an adventurous spirit. Hot flashes. Weight gain. Sleepless nights. Yes, it can be hard, but middle age doesna€™t have to be a flashing red stop light. Ita€™s perfectly acceptable for women of a certain age, a certain level of hormonal imbalance, and a certain amount of cellulite to don spandex and even enter the rarefied sport of endurance triathlon. In fact, therea€™s a huge advantage to aging: much of the potential competition drops out in favor of the couch and a remote control. And the endurance high? The elation of dietary purity and discovering you can have arms like Madonna? The Zen of goal attainment? Better than a good Shiraz buzz. Once you get past the ugly mood swings, chafing on your girly parts, and a a€œkill your own mothera€ craving for sleep and a hot Cinnabon, that is. Pamela Fagan Hutchins has been there and done that, with lessons learned and sense of humor (usually) intact. She completed her first triathlon at 39 and her first Half Ironman at 40. She has her eye on an M-dot tattoo in 2016. EƒEƒEƒ Can we get real here? qHonest and helpful.q qCandidly funny.q qInspiring.q qGreat read.q qEncouraging and real.q EƒEƒEƒ See why Hutchins is called an qup-and-coming powerhouse writerq and qthe Erma Bombeck of her generation.q Pamela Fagan Hutchins is an employment attorney and workplace investigator by day who writes award-winning and best-selling romantic mystery/suspense (Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise) and hilarious nonfiction (How to Screw Up Your Kids, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes?) by night. In her spare time, she dabbles in endurance athletics. She is passionate about great writing, her good looking husband-five offspring-four dogs-one duck-four goats-one heifer family, and smart authorpreneurship. She also leaps medium-tall buildings in a single bound, if she gets a good running start.The good news here is that if you enjoyed sex before, youa#39;ll probably continue to enjoy it in perimenopause and beyond, although ... The timing of the LDL increase is bad, as high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol a€”the a€œgooda€ cholesterola€”decreases in many ... And, yes, my LDL went up and HDL went down at age 40.

Title:Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans
Author:Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Publisher:SkipJack Publishing - 2014-06-03


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