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Decero Troy Maclund is known on the streets of Griggs as a€œDrape.a€ A pretty-boy killer and dope dealer from Denevin Heights, who finds himself collecting a little hoe-money on the side. With a couple of super bad freaks on the cash, he soon realizes the Pimp game has as many dangerous twists and turns as other hustles. In addition, when one of his hoes is targeted for murder by a foul gorilla-pimp from her past, Drapea€™s entire operation is jeopardized. As a Dover Boy off the Heights, the young killer has to make it known that, by interfering with his business; there is a cost to pay in full. In the streets of South Michigan, the game of homicide definitely works both ways. Sex, Drugs, Money, and Murdera€”a dark ride off into the concrete jungle where dollara€™s rise, bodies fall, and pimpina€™s on the grind.Drape had almost apologized for asking, but, was reconciled with a light kiss and an admonition that, a€œShe can make ... There was pumpkin and pecan, carrot cake and banana pudding, brownies, and Shayea#39;s own, homemade peanut brittle.

Author:D.L. Mims
Publisher:Queen C's Publishing - 2013-11


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