House of Commons - Committee of Public Accounts: BBC Severance Packages - HC 476

House of Commons - Committee of Public Accounts: BBC Severance Packages - HC 476

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In the three years to December 2012, the BBC gave 150 senior managers severance payments totalling Ap25 million. The BBC paid more salary in lieu of notice than it was obliged to in 22 of the 150 severance payments for senior managers in the three years to December 2012, at a cost of Ap1.4 million. It is unacceptable for the BBC, or any other public body, to give departing senior managers huge severance payments that far exceed their contractual entitlements. Some of the justifications put forward by the BBC were extraordinary. The Committee welcomes the changes that the BBC's Director General, Lord Hall, has made to cap severance pay. Recommendations include: the BBC should remind its staff that they are all individually responsible for protecting public money and challenging wasteful practices; to protect licence fee payers' interests and its own reputation, the BBC should establish internal procedures that provide clear central oversight and effective scrutiny of severance payments; the BBC Executive and the BBC Trust need to overhaul the way they conduct their business, and record and communicate decisions properly; the BBC Trust should be more willing to challenge practices and decisions where there is a risk that the interests of licence fee payers could be compromised; the BBC Trust and the BBC Executive need to ensure that decision-making is transparent and accountability taken seriously, based on a shared understanding of value for money, with tangible evidence of individuals taking public responsibility for their decisions.Lucy Adams: The compromise arrangements that we had with those individuals did not prevent them from getting another job. ... referred to the fact that these figures have not only horrified the licence fee payer, but many members of staff within the BBC. ... On the part-time issue and going back to the issue of us and them, why did you not follow the redundancy and reorganisation policy of the BBC?

Title:House of Commons - Committee of Public Accounts: BBC Severance Packages - HC 476
Author:Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts
Publisher:The Stationery Office - 2013-12-16


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