House-training Your Dog

House-training Your Dog

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A positive-training approach to house-training dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs, Charlotte Schwartza€™s House-training Your Dog guarantees to get puppies trained in a hurry and to solve ongoing or newly occurring potty issues with older dogs. The importance of successful house-training cana€™t be overstated, but too often owners dona€™t understand why they are continuing to fail. Schwartza€™s no-nonsense methoda€”based on her fifty years training pet dogsa€”starts with Dog Behavior 101 and is geared toward getting owners started on the right foot. In the chapter a€œDog/Owner Communication, a€ the author helps to erase the language barrier that exists between humans and canines, ensuring that the dog understands his ownera€™s expectations. Crate training remains the first choice of dog trainers, and this method is summarized in two concise chapters, a€œSix Crate-training Stepsa€ and a€œCreating a Schedule.a€ Whether the owner is at home all day with the puppy or works full-time, the house-training method put forth in this easy-to-read volume will bring to success to all dedicated owners willing to put in the time to train, exercise, and bond with their dogs. For those owners who are struggling to house-train their puppies (or adult dogs), the chapters a€œHouse-training Accidentsa€ and a€œThe Wrong Messagea€ were written with you in mind. Schwartz discusses the possible underlying causes to house-training failures and how to remedy various situations. Owners of aging dogs will be relieved to find useful information about the challenges of retraining senior dogs, as the author considers how to work with the doga€™s behavioral and physical changes. Fully indexed.Take a doll and treat it like a real baby. Pretend to feed it, bathe it, cuddle it. As the dog watches and investigates your new behaviors, keep recognizing the dog as well. When you put the doll in the crib, utilize that pretend nap time to interactanbsp;...

Title:House-training Your Dog
Author:Charlotte Schwartz
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2011-09-13


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