How Alien Would Aliens Be?

How Alien Would Aliens Be?

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How alien would aliens be? Would they look like us or perhaps more like an octopus? How would they communicate? Could we even hear their voices, assuming they have them? Like us, aliens would be constrained by the physical world. Understanding how those physical constraints apply both to us and to aliens is the theme of this book. The constraints imply that they will not be all that different from us, perhaps half to twice as big as we are. They will depend on vision and hearing as we do and they will live on a planet much like ours. But where will they be? Do they even exist? The odds are not good. We may be the only intelligent life in the universe.In humans, as in all land vertebrates, the nose serves several functions, the prime ones being respiration (breathing) and smell. ... The air we breathe is a large and rapidly renewed volume, much greater in any given time than the air volume in contact with the skin. ... On land, only amphibians and snails have the necessary moisture level in their skin. ... The turbinals can be used to improve the sense of smell by giving nasal tissue more opportunity to extract scents from the air but theiranbsp;...

Title:How Alien Would Aliens Be?
Author:John A. Cramer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-07-01


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