How Business Leaders Avoid Conflict (Collection)

How Business Leaders Avoid Conflict (Collection)

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Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer, Second Edition offers a powerful framework every leader can use to promote honest, constructive dissent and skepticism; test their assumptions; more thoroughly consider qbest alternativesq; make better choices, and align organizations to act on their decisions. In this new edition, Roberto presents new cases from Google, Ford, Intuit, and others, plus expands coverage to more deeply illuminate his decision-making approach. Offering both positive and negative examples, he presents a well rounded view of how to determine when qyesq means qyes, q when it doesn't, and what to do when it doesn't. Roberto explains why qgood process entails the astute management of the social, political, and emotional aspects of decision makingq -- in other words, why effective leaders are well served by carefully qdeciding how to decide.q Ai Know What You Dona€™t Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen lays out the key skills and capabilities required to ensure that problems do not remain hidden in your organization. It explains how leaders can become effective problem finders, unearthing problems before they destroy an organization. The book explains how leaders can become an anthropologist, going out and observing how employees, customers, and suppliers actually behave. It then goes on to present how they can circumvent the gatekeepers, so they can go directly to the source to see and hear the raw data; hunt for patterns, including refining your individual and collective pattern recognition capability; qconnect the dotsq among issues that may initially seem unrelated, but in fact, have a great deal in common; give front-line employees training in a communication technique; encourage useful mistakes, including creating a qRed Pencil Awardq; and watch the game film, where leaders reflect systematically on their own organization's conduct and performance, as well as on the behavior and performance of competitors.James March has described the a€œgarbage-can modela€ of decision making in which solutions, problems, and decision makers often ... For more on Iacocca and the Ford Mustang story, see R. Lacey. ... Jack Welch Compilation: 1981a€”2001.

Title:How Business Leaders Avoid Conflict (Collection)
Author:Michael Roberto
Publisher:FT Press - 2013-08-08


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