How Cool is This?

How Cool is This?

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Discover the secret science behind the coolest inventions. How Cool is This? is an exciting introduction to inventions and technology. It's packed with delights such as glow sticks and exploding bubbles, modern mysteries like e-ink and wind turbines and familiar objects from crash helmets to fireworks. You'll discover something fascinating while seeing familiar objects in a new light through cutting-edge 3D xrays and high-speed photography. If you're a future inventor, this is the perfect book for you.Radio waves have information about the sound or picture so that it can be longer wavelengths than visible light ... The vibrations make tiny hairs in your inner ear move, and these movements are turned into nerve signals and sent to the brain.

Title:How Cool is This?
Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Ltd - 2011-09-01


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