How do You love ME?

How do You love ME?

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qHow do You love MEq is not just a question; it's a journey that you take with the author... but pack light. You'll need to leave space to collect jewels. When we operate under the spirit of rejection, we take people on a trip... forcing them to prove their love for us or admit that they don't.The purpose of this book is to lead the reader to freedom; freedom from rejection and every accessory that comes along with the spirit of rejection. In order for something to grow, it has to be watered, nurtured and fed. The spirit of rejection is the same; in order for the spirit of rejection to grow, it has to be watered, nurture, fed and an environment has to be created for it to grow. Through her own life story, the author takes you on a trip, revealing ways we nurture and harbor rejection. Rejection is a seed that's planted within us and grows slowly. This book is a journey to freedom.The hair just happened to be the thing that covered an area that needed to be operated on so the hair had to be cut off, to get to the affected area; fortunately, most hair can and will grow back again...if not, she may learn that she is still beautifulanbsp;...

Title:How do You love ME?
Author:Jewel Moore - 2015-01-16


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