How Do You Want to Die?

How Do You Want to Die?

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How Do You Want To Die? can be summed up in one word: choices. Every day, we make choices that affect our lives and others'. Quite often, the outcome is small and unimportant. But when it comes to our health, choices we make can drastically affect the future. Doctors don't make much money on healthy people or dead people. In most major cities, some of the largest and most occupied buildings are medical centers. I could have chosen a different title for this book, but having been a professional trainer for more than thirty years, and having worked in various areas of the hospital during my twenty-one years in the air force, I've seen many people who died after a prolonged and painful illness, all because of choices made early in their life. Choices like drinking excessively, smoking, drugs, and the list goes on. What choices are you making that you could change? Maybe it's smoking, drugs, or drinking. Whatever it is, God is there to help you succeed. Jim gives you the keys to transform your life. No matter what your level of health, this book can provide the motivation and information you need to succeed. This includes: inspirational stories how to set the right goals how to succeed through faith at these goals how foods can affect our bodies, and not in the way you might think recommended exercise program for beginners the decision to buy fitness equipment or join a gym Experience for yourself how taking that first step can change your life. God will never give up on you, so don't give up on yourself!Jim Carlson. HOW DO YOU WANT TO DIE! An in your face, easy to understand, common sense approach to fitness by Jim (Gym) Carlson. 30+ years in the fitness industry. Why sit on the side lines when you can get in the game. What am Ianbsp;...

Title:How Do You Want to Die?
Author:Jim Carlson
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2013-04


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