How Does GPS Work?

How Does GPS Work?

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When taking a road trip today, some sort of GPS device is essential. It may be built into the car's dashboard, or perhaps it's just an app on a smartphone. But GPS is used for more than just finding your way! Readers will be fascinated by its beginnings as a military system and its many modern uses, such as catching criminals, predicting earthquakes, and creating maps. Colorful photographs illustrate real-life examples of GPS technology, military and civilian, and informative text clearly explains the science and math concepts behind the satellites and receivers used all over the world.A ground station satellite dish picks up the radio signals from GPS satellites orbiting thousands of miles above Eartha#39;s surface. Calculatingthe Position Back on Earth, to calculate the receivera#39;s Eyes in the Sky Scientists control the orbit ofanbsp;...

Title:How Does GPS Work?
Author:Leon Gray
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-12-15


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