How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice

How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice

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At age twenty-six, author Michelle L. Whitlock thought she had it all: her health, a promising career, and a budding new romance. Then she learned that she had HPV, and weeks later her worst nightmare became her reality: she was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. Adamant to preserve her fertility, she refused a radical hysterectomy and chose a less extreme, fertility-saving procedure. The surgery was a success, but just years latera€”a week after the love of her life proposeda€”Michelle discovered her cancer was back. In this memoir, Michelle narrates her journey through and beyond cancer. She took charge of her health care by carefully choosing doctors and her treatment options. In just eight short weeks, she planned a destination wedding, harvested eggs, and with her fiancAc, created embryosa€”their a€œmaybe babies.a€ She got married and ten days later underwent a radical hysterectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. At twenty-nine, Michelle found herself with a new normal, which included menopause, hot flashes, a shortened vagina, and lack of sexual desire. She opens the door to her most intimate moments, frankly sharing how she worked to regain her sex life and providing other women in this situation a roadmap to do the same. This is one womana€™s story of falling in love, battling HPV and cervical cancer, facing sexual dysfunction and infertility, and becoming her own best advocate. Inspirational, educational and honest, How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice tells the emotional story of love and loss, resilience and survival, empowerment and hope for the future. So if you have a vagina or love someone with a vagina, this book is for you! qMichelle Whitlock takes readers through a journey of loss and love and ends up giving a blueprint on how to make a comeback. How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice will make you laugh and cry and leave you wanting more. There will be no pages left unturned in this deeply personal memoir. This book isna€™t just for those who have survived cancera€”ita€™s for the masses. How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice is a thrilling look at life.q a€”Tamika Felder, founder of Cervivor.orgHowever, condoms do not provide 100 percent protection against HPV. a€c Having HPV is not a sign of infidelity or promiscuity. It only takes one sexual act, with or without a condom, to contract the virus. HPV can lie dormant for years, so there is anbsp;...

Title:How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice
Author:Michelle L. Whitlock
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-08-31


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