How I Pray

How I Pray

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Religion writer Jim Castelli set out to answer these profound questions by talking with twenty-six spiritual leaders and practitioners representing the wide spectrum of faith in America today. How I Pray gathers these remarkable conversations into a thought-provoking, personal, and deeply meaningful volume. In How I Pray Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, Native Americans and Mormons, and members of many other faiths describe the intimate and unique ways in which they pray -- and what prayer means to them. Catholic priest and novelist Andrew M. Greeley reveals that he prays to a womanly God because it enhances the intimacy of his spiritual encounters. Pollster George Gallup, Jr., considers his prayer life a dynamic two-way conversation with God. Lakota Sioux medicine man High Star shares the fascinating prayer rituals that his people have practiced for centuries. Infused with honesty and passion, warmth, and a deep reverence for life's spirituality, How I Pray is sure to be a source of illumination and delight for readers of all religious backgrounds.I pray all during the day, when I wake up at night, and whenever I feel the need to say something to God. ... Or when I have to make a presentation, I often sit down and go back through the readings Ia#39;ve done. ... Over the years Ia#39;ve become more interested in reading other peoplea#39;s opinions on prayer and books on prayer.

Title:How I Pray
Author:Jim Castelli
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2011-02-16


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