How I Stop Drinking & Stay Sober For Over 13 Years (And Counting)

How I Stop Drinking & Stay Sober For Over 13 Years (And Counting)

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A lot of drunks say a€œQuitting is easy, Ia€™ve done it a hundred times.a€ Not very funny perhaps, but very true. The problem is not just quit drinking; ita€™s quitting for good thata€™s problematic. And that's what this book is for. Ita€™s a simple guide consisting of five steps that are guaranteed to start working for you today. Just read it all the way through and youa€™ll have the best knowledge on recovering from alcohol addiction, staying sober, and getting your life back. To help you identify and understand this book, you'll have a built-in guide who has been there, drank that, and even wears the T-Shirt. Vienna is a real person who volunteered to share her experiences as a drunk, how and why she got sober, and how shea€™s staying sober for over 13 years (and counting). Of course, as long as alcohol exists, there will be alcohol addicts. If thata€™s you, then reading this book is your chance to stop the process right now before it grabs your soul. And if thata€™s not you then this is likewise a chance for you to call a halt to whatever dark place alcohol is leading you.A Simple aamp; Effective 5-Step System of Alcohol Addiction Recovery Walter L. Kramer ... Alcohol dependence meant that you were physically and/or emotionally addicted to alcohol i.e. that your body chemistry and structure have changed; saturation with alcohol ... a€œProgressivea€ means that it gets worse the longer you do it.

Title:How I Stop Drinking & Stay Sober For Over 13 Years (And Counting)
Author:Walter L. Kramer
Publisher:Enlightened Publishing - 2015-03-10


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